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Themes from Years Past (click the Theme for Photos of that Year)
qwerty Lakewood's Got Talent
2008 Lakewood's Favorite Cartoons
2007 Lakewood ... saves the World
2006 Lakewood ... the Good Old Days
2005 Lakewood Loves Entertainers
2004 Lakewood Salutes American Patriots
2003 Lakewood Salutes American History
2002 Lakewood Salutes Heros of the Red, White & Blue
2001 Lakewood Salutes Fairy Tale Characters
2000 Lakewood Loves a Costume Party
1999 Lakewood Goes to the Movies
1998 Lakewood Goes to the Beach
1997 Lakewood Goes Back in Time
1996 Lakewood Goes For the Gold
1995 Lakewood Goes on Safari
1994 Lakewood Goes Prehistoric
1993 Lakewood Salutes Sports Heroes
1992 Lakewood Goes Country
1991 Lakewood Loves American Heroes
1990 Lakewood Goes Looney Tunes
1989 Ramses Raps in Lakewood
1988 Lakewood Goes Hollywood
1987 Lakewood Under the Big Top
1986 Lakewood Celebrates Texas
1985 Lakewood Salutes Liberty
1984 Lakewood Goes Patriotic
1983 Lakewood Fever (does Anybody remember if this is right??)
1982 America, the Great Melting Pot
1981 Lakewood Blasts Off

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